Succeful Tips To Join Your Dream Schools

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If you are really serious to get admission in a reputed school, you need to remember that amongst many other selecting criteria your application plays a major role. Hence, you must write a compelling application letting the admissions officers know your strong points. It should reflect all your positive qualities like abilities, personality, background, hobbies, past performance, achievements etc.

Second, download the applications you need without wasting time. You should get familiar with your college applications and their requirements during the spring of your junior year. It is advisable that in this period you start gathering the necessary information and make a list of activities and honors.

Try to submit your application as early as possible because admissions officers get stuck in reading nearly 100 applications a day towards the close of the deadline, but early in the season, they read only a handful of essays every day. The more time they spend in considering your application in a thoughtful way, the better becomes your chance of getting an admission. Besides, an early submission indicates that you are serious about your interest in the school.

Though it is true that many schools want to see that you spend your spare time constructively, mentioning a long list of extracurricular activities in your application in order to impress the admission officers is not necessary. Mentioning your achievement in a particular activity you do every day, say per an hour, may impress the officers than mentioning relatively long hours of time in doing something where you achieve nothing. Under extracurricular activities, highlight qualities like your dedication and loyalty, well-roundedness, social awareness and sophistication, leadership capacity etc.

When it is expected that as a student you won't have a lengthy resume, providing details like your experience in having a job in high school and the number of hours you used to spare on it per day may impress the officers as well. Your job need not be unusual but what matters is your dedication.

Be very careful about your application! Always save a copy of your essays on your hard drive if you are applying online; and also a back up copy on CD or other removable drive. Don't hurry and try to give your best shot to present an impressive application.

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