Dog Food Comparison - Wet Vs Dry

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Due to the price comparison between premium wet dog food and premium dry dog food: Most dog owners are quick to buy the dry version in order to save a few bucks.
Other people immediately buy the wet food thinking they're giving their pet the very best food they can.
Studies geared toward a dog food comparison between wet and dry have found such myths to be untrue in many tests.
First, you can't make a dog food comparison between an off the shelf can of wet food for dogs and a holistic "human grade dry formula" -- the holistic version costs a bit more, but is considered safe for human consumption, whereas the same likely couldn't be said for the wet food from the supermarket.
*So we now know that you can't compare apples to oranges, but what then is the difference between wet and dry premium food? The answer is none really.
Some wet food for dogs will be slightly more concentrated and is great for smaller dogs who don't have the stomach volume to handle the dry food (dry food will expand in the stomach more so than the wet mixture).
On the same note, a larger dog may not be satisfied with a wet formula unless you feed them more than the recommended amount, making them beg for more food or treats.
*So what should I feed my dog: Wet or Dry? Any dog food comparison study will normally show that dogs are most happy with a mixture of both.
Just like humans, they like to have a mixture of dry solids and wet food which is a little easier to chew.
You can really opt to feed them either or, but it's best to mix them together.
Give your dogs dry treats in addition to their wet food, or vice verse; wet treats in addition to wet dog food.
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